If you have started to plan your wedding, or you have been planning for a while, you may have considered hiring a wedding videographer. Many people find it hard to justify spending money on both a photographer and a videographer but wedding videography captures what photography cannot. As both a wedding photographer and videography on Vancouver Island, I can’t be biased when it comes to one or the other. They are equally as important, and I believe every couple I’ve worked with would agree!


I have compiled my top 10 reasons why someone should hire a wedding videographer. These are both my own opinions and also the words of my past clients! 

1. There are things that even the best photographers can’t capture

Videos and photos can give you different feelings and emotions when you look back on the day, but the best moments are expressed as a video. Your Wedding Videographer can capture the entirety of a precious moment. Photos show you your reaction at that exact moment, but a video can capture the way you felt, the way you moved, the personalities of your loved ones, how hard you laughed, the expressions, music, family in the background.

2. Share precious moments from your wedding day with your guests or those important people that couldn’t be there

If you have family members or friends who couldn’t make the wedding, you can share the video footage with them. A Videographer can create an easy to share Wedding Film that helps your guests, or those that couldn’t be there, relive the entire day within 2-10 minutes. Likewise, you can send them full clips of the speeches, the first dances, and more.

3. Weddings are valuable investments

As you probably know, countless hours and dollars go into planning one of the most memorable days of your life. A video can truly help you relive that day over and over again. It makes that effort and cost last a lifetime. I believe Wedding Videography and Wedding Photography is nonnegotiable. It is one of the only long-lasting things from your Wedding day. 

I was chatting with some past clients and they mentioned that “If you’re going to spend your money on anything, it’s gotta go towards a wedding photographer and wedding videographer. We can’t believe how much these things meant to us. Everything else can be budgeted”

Don’t Just Take My Word For It..

“My husband and I had the privilege of working with Hayley as our videographer during our wedding in Campbell River. While planning, many close friends said they regretted not hiring a videographer. I can’t begin to explain how happy we are that chose Hayley to document our day. Hayley is friendly, easy going, and made us feel so comfortable.

She is easy to communicate with and she took into account everything we had hoped for in our video. Hayley had our videos to us very quickly and the results are beyond what we had ever imagined! Every time we watch it (which is still frequent… even months after our wedding day has passed) we smile, laugh, and cry. It brings us so much joy to see the smiles on everyone’s faces, and to see our guests dancing up a storm.

The video perfectly displays all of the love we felt on our wedding day! We know that we will treasure the moments Hayley captured on film for years to come. So, if there is even a doubt in your mind about hiring a videographer for your wedding, I would without hesitation recommend you choose Hayley to document your special day! Thank you again Hayley, we cannot thank you enough.”

- Anna & Chris Backhouse

4. So Many Amazing Moments Will Happen With You, Your Partner, Your Family and Your Guests
Having a wedding videographer will help show you the details you may have missed. There are countless activities and gatherings occurring simultaneously that you don’t see. It could be the look on your friends’ faces when you walk out in your dress for the first time, the look in your parents’ eyes when you read your vows, the way your family tears up when you have your first dance.
While the photographer is focusing on getting those perfect posed and candid shots of you, the videographer is getting the in between shots. Those times where you are your most natural selves, enjoying what is happening around you.
5. Imagine Showing Your Children Your Wedding Film Years Down The Road (If That’s Your Plan Of Course)

Yes, you can show them photos, but it is also great to show them a wedding video of the entire day, start to finish. They can see the way their parents looked at each other for the first time in the aisle, how they danced together, embraced each other, and truly watch the love in their eyes. This will be an invaluable heirloom for your children, grandchildren, and so on. Also, if you are having a large wedding, think about how often you actually have the entire family together? This doesn’t happen very often so having a wedding videographer to film the entire family together is an amazing gift for yourself and to pass on through the family.

6. This Is Your Movie

You will be hiring a professional Wedding Videographer to create a ‘short film’ of you and your loved ones, where you are the star of the show. Personally, I create a visual story with thoughtful music and voiceovers to tell your story. This is not a boring or slow slideshow of clips – it is an engaging compilation of your best and sweetest moments. You won’t want to stop watching your wedding film. You are seriously the star of the show, watching yourself in every single amazing moment of your day. 

7. A Wedding Videographer is another professional that ensures the wedding will run smooth

As a Wedding Videographer, I have experience at countless weddings and can share that experience with you when you are planning your wedding day. I know what to expect, when the big moments naturally happen, ideal timelines for your wedding day, which moments filmed will be impactful to you, and much more.  

8. A Wedding Videographer Is A Fly On The Wall

People may have the idea that more cameras will be too much, too aggressive. I’ve heard from past clients that they were worried it might be overwhelming, but afterward they said I was invisible all day! In the best way possible haha. As a wedding videographer, I embrace a documentary style of filming. I am simply a fly on the wall capturing the most important, candid details of the day.

9. The Speeches, Vows, Music, Laughter, Words Spoken, and Cheers Cannot Be Captured In A Photo 

Some of the most meaningful, emotional parts of the day should be filmed. Not only can you watch your spouse tearing up at the words they say, but you can actually hear it and relive that moment over again. This is similar to the toasts at the reception. Photos of guests or the wedding party reacting can be beautifully captured, but you’ll never remember every word spoken, or hear the sound of laughter erupting from the room unless it is captured on film.

10. See For Yourself

Have a peek at one of my favorite Weddings when I was BOTH the Wedding Videographer and Wedding Photographer. In this post, you can see the different images captured but also how much you can see on film!  Do the Photos or Videos makes you feel more? Which one gives you a better idea of the entire wedding day? There’s no right or wrong answer. Maybe you just want wedding photos, maybe you just want a wedding video. It’s all preference!

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