Sophie and Brandon… Where do I even begin? I had the honor of capturing both photo and video for this sweet couple’s nuptials in April of 2022. Believe it or not, Sophie didn’t actually care too much about the photo aspects – other than some family formals and a few romantics to frame. It was honestly such a fun experience to have so much creative freedom as I captured their British Columbia Surprise Helicopter Wedding.

British Columbia Micro-Wedding

Sophie and Brandon’s wedding day took place at the picturesque Dolphins Resort overlooking the ocean. The couple began their day by getting ready, enjoying quality time with their people. Rather than doing a first look between each other, Sophie decided to do a first look with her father and her bridesmaids. Sophie’s first look with her bridesmaids brought tears to my eyes; not only was her grandmother present, but so was her and Brandon’s little girl, Roe. While the happy tears were flowing in the Bridal Suite, Brandon and his boys were kickin’ a few back before the ceremony. (I was only a little jealous )

The wedding ceremony took place in the main cabin at the resort. The space was adorned with fluffy pampas grass, warm glowing candles, and seemingly endless twinkle lights. Dolphins Resort’s main cabin is already beautiful with the hardwood floors and brick fireplaces, but the decor really elevated the space in such a romantic way. As if the space wasn’t enough to spark joy, Sophie’s grandmother was the flower girl! There wasn’t a face in the crowd that didn’t have a beaming smile on. Even though the crowd included just roughly 40 people, the laughter engulfed the space; it was such a joyful atmosphere. 

As Sophie began her walk down the aisle with her dad, Brandon was doing his best to keep it together. I couldn’t get over just how much love and community was surrounding this beautiful couple as they prepared to devote their lives to one another. I’m always such a sucker for personal vows; I love hearing a synopsis of the couple’s love story. Once again, Brandon did his best to hold back the tears, which were quickly followed by laughter. One of my favorite parts of their ceremony was Roe! Every time something funny was said by her parents, she let out the sweetest giggle; there’s nothing better than a child’s laughter! After the ceremony, officiated by the witty Craig Gillis, the first kiss sealed the deal. It was time to pop some champagne – and maybe crack open some cold ones. 

Surprise Helicopter Tour

Now, here’s where things get really interesting. Sophie had planned a surprise helicopter ride for Brandon. Everyone was in on the surprise – except for Brandon, of course! After some cocktails and mingling in the lodge, a couple of Brandon’s buddies brought him onto the deck to do some shotguns. The hope was that as they had finished their beers, the helicopter would be landing on the beach below. But, nothing ever goes to plan, right?! By this time, there was a crowd gathering to “watch them shotgun their beers”. They each cracked into their beers, Brandon finished his like a champ, and his buddies were taking their sweet time sucking them down. Of course, Brandon was like “what’s going on!?” Naturally, the helicopter still wasn’t on the beach! An Aunt had popped out onto the deck and said, “Oh! I missed it, you gotta do another one. I need to get this one video.” – We love a supportive Aunt Finally, just before the second shotgun, the helicopter began to hover near the lodge as it began to land on the beach. Sounds of people shooting, “That’s for you, Brando! That’s your ride!!” came from the deck – much to Brandon’s surprise!

Sophie, Brandon, their maid of honor & best man, and I piled into the helicopter for a quick flight to Sharks Bit. Sharks Bit is this expansive private beach stretching out into the ocean – only accessible by helicopter or private boat. When we landed, we took a ton of romantics of Sophie and Brandon. Sophie had said she really wanted an epic wide shot to hang in their living room; safe to say we got a few of those! I loved spending time with Sophie and Brandon on the beach. They were truly in their own little world for those moments; endless kisses, giggling, and lovin’ on one another. I think I could’ve stayed on that island for the rest of the evening with this sweet couple. After a while, it was time to head back into the helicopter for some more drinks. It was time to get a little party started back at the lodge!

Sophie & Brandon’s Helicopter Wedding Video

We wrapped up Sophie and Brandon’s British Columbia Surprise Helicopter Wedding with a dance from the newlyweds. Because their wedding was so intimate, they hadn’t originally planned on having a traditional dance. I’m so glad they decided to humor me by swaying and dipping for awhile. It was such a romantic, wholesome moment for them being surrounded by the people that mean the world to them.

It was truly such an honor to capture Sophie and Brandon’s wedding day. If you’ve ever pondered whether you should have a videographer at your wedding – DO IT. I highly recommend allowing your videographer about 6-8 hours for coverage. My favorite part of a wedding day is the story that ensues. After all, there’s nothing sweeter than looking back on your day and truly getting the chance to relive it through a video.

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