Struggling to figure out what to wear to your engagement photoshoot? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Engagement photos are going to be something that you will always look back on so it is important that you feel confident and like YOU in the photos!

Before you start rummaging through your closet or frantically buying a bunch of different outfits, I want to share 10 tips with you to make this process easy and stress free.

1. Wear whatever makes YOU feel like YOU!

This one is so so important! In the past, I have had clients who show up to photoshoots in something they are not comfortable with. Not only are you fidgeting and constantly adjusting the clothing, but you can tell that it is affecting their confidence. Don’t completely change your style for your engagement photoshoot. If you’re a jeans and a tshirt gal, then there are things you can do to elevate that type of look but still feel like yourself!

2. Choose Pastels, Neutrals, and Cool Tones

Please avoid wearing any bright neon colors and crazy patterns at all costs. These photos are supposed to represent your relationship and show your love. But, if you’re wearing a super distracting bright orange outfit, it will take away from that. Ohh and you will most definitely regret it when you look back on these photos in 20 years!

3. Compliment each other, but don’t match

When deciding what you and your partner should wear to your engagement photoshoot, you want your outfits to go together but not be exact. Stick with solid prints and choose complementary neutral colors.

4. Wear clothes that don’t blend in with the background of your engagement session location

If you’re going to the snow for your engagement shoot, then definitely avoid white as it will make you blend in with the background. Instead opt for a neutral color like browns that will compliment you in the photos.

5. Bring more than one outfit

If the session you booked allows for it, then definitely take advantage and bring more than one outfit. Sometimes one outfit may end up looking better in the photos so it is always great to have options.

6. Dress for the activity

Every engagement session is different and it is important to dress for the location and activity if you are doing something. For example, if you are doing a hiking engagement session, make sure you dress practically for that. If you’re taking photos at the beach, it probably doesn’t make sense to wear heels.

7. Add some accessories

Don’t be afraid to add some accessories to your outfits. Whether that be necklaces, bracelets, earrings or watches, it can really elevate an outfit. I would definitely keep the jewelry simple though and avoid anything that would be super distracting in the photos. We want accessories that compliment you, not take away!

8. Dress for the Season

Take full advantage of the season you are in and style a look that matches the weather. If it’s summer, consider wearing a neutral colored flowy dress. If it’s winter, dress warm and wear a cute sweater with jeans.

Winter Engagement Photoshoot Outfits Inspiration

I absolutely love winter engagement photoshoots because the scenery is always breathtaking with the snowy mountains and often cloud filled sky. It creates the most stunning neutral backdrop for your engagement photos.

When it comes to picking out an outfit for your winter engagement photoshoot, the first thing you want to make sure of is that you are warm. Then you want to make sure that you choose an outfit that will pop against the snowy background. This is the one time of year where I encourarge bolder colors like forest green or maroon because they look stunning and help you to stand out in the photos. So overall, I recommend wearing warm clothing, solid prints, and bold colors for your winter engagement pictures!

winter engagement photoshoot outfits
winter engagement photoshoot outfits
Spring Engagement Photoshoot Outfits Inspiration

As the weather slowly starts to warm up a bit and the flowers begin to bloom, you may be thinking about what to wear to your spring engagement photoshoot. Spring is a tough here on Vancouver Island as we typically get a ton of rain. But, when it’s not raining we can get the most beautiful cloudy days with the sun peeking through.

With so much going on in the background between the blooming trees/flowers, it is best to stick with a more neutral or pastel color palette but nothing that would blend in with your background. So if you’re taking photos in the forest, it’s best to avoid wearing green.

spring engagement photoshoot outfits
spring engagement photoshoot outfits
spring engagement photoshoot outfits
Summer Engagement Photoshoot Outfits Inspiration

Ahhh summer… arguably the best season here on Vancouver Island for engagement photoshoots. The weather is warm and the colors are absolutely beautiful. You can basically wear any type of clothing giving you so much more of a variety when it comes to picking out your oufits. With the beaches being so beautiful here on Vancouver Island, it is the perfect time of year to take your engagement photos there with the stunning blue ocean in the background!

As its summer and warmer, definitely avoid layering up too much and instead opt for cool comfortable clothing. For women you could do a nice flowy dress or skirt or go more casual with some cute shorts and a shirt. For men, shorts and a button up or nice t-shirt are perfect. It’s summer, so I think that the more relaxed and carefree look works super well for this time of year!

summer engagement photoshoot outfits
summer engagement photoshoot outfits
summer engagement photoshoot outfits
Fall Engagement Photoshoot Outfits Inspiration

Fall is an absolutely beautiful time of year to take engagement photos. The weather is still warm but is slowly cooling off and the trees are changing colors. With the leaves changing colors, I typically recommend that my clients stick with neutrals as there will be a lot going on in the background. 

If you’re wanting warm and cozy vibes in your engagement photos without having to wear a ton of layers of clothing, then fall is definitely the best time of year for your engagement photos. I love it because you can incorporate fall activties like the pumpkin patch and or even incorporate Halloween vibes! 

fall engagement photoshoot outfits
fall engagement photoshoot outfits

9. Use Pinterest for Outfit Inspiration

If you’re really struggling with what to wear, then I would definitely use Pinterest. Pinterest is amazing because you can look up “engagement photoshoot outfit ideas” and get a ton of inspiration to help you create an outfit.

Click HERE to visit my Pinterest account for some more engagement photoshoot outfts inspiration!

10. Avoid current trends and opt for a more classic look

With social media, it feels like there’s a new fashion trend every single week. And as quickly as they come into style, they also go out of style. So I recommend choosing timeless pieces that you won’t look back on a year from now saying “ WHAT WAS I THINKING?” You may love those leather pants now, but next year you might feel completely different about it!

Overall, the most important thing when it comes to picking out your engagement photoshoot outfit is that you are picking something that is YOU! If you end up wearing something you don’t feel super confident in, then you won’t enjoy the photoshoot as much. I like to tell my clients to treat their engagement session as a date. I want to capture the most genuine and authentic aspects of your relationship! So ultimately wear what makes you feel your best!

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