Why You Should Plan A Fall Wedding – From a Wedding Videographer in Campbell River and Victoria, BC

This was a first for me! As a Wedding Videographer in Campbell River and Victoria BC, this was the very first fall wedding that I filmed, and honestly, I’m hooked. Fall Weddings are Incredible. There are countless upsides and benefits to planning a Fall Wedding and I’d love to share those with you today!

First of all, let me give you a back story to this particular day. Curt and Kyla are two fantastic people with an amazing family. I have known Kyla since I was probably 13 years old. From a distance, I’ve watched this woman work incredibly hard in meaningful careers and entrepreneurial ventures, all while pursuing her own photography career and raising 4 children. If you are interested in Birth Photography, you can check out her work here!

Anyways, because Kyla is an experienced photographer, she knows weddings. And she knew exactly the day she wanted. Her ideas and decorations really pulled the entire day together. The mix of Gold and Green Wedding Decorations was unlike anything I had seen before. It was the perfect blend of colours for this Fall Wedding. I digress. It’s time to hear the reasons I think Fall Weddings are fantastic – from a Wedding Videographer. 

#1 The Rich Vibrant Colours

Oh. My. Goodness. The display of colors is so incredibly at Fall Weddings because usually, the cloudy-ness of the day brings out the colors even more. 

For example, the Green and Cold colour palette in the reception, bouquets, dresses, suits, decorations, and more can be absolutely stunning. At Kyla and Curt’s wedding, I couldn’t stop saying “this is nuts” every time I saw a new outfit or decoration. The Wedding Videographer inside me was overwhelmed with how much I wanted to film. 

If you are interested in other Fall Wedding Colour Palettes, you can try this website.  Anything to do with Greens, Blues and Golds are so beautiful in my opinion.

To see the details of this particular fall wedding, you can watch or skim through the wedding video below!

Reception Details: Time 7:20

Wedding Video Campbell River BC
Wedding Videographer films bride and groom kissing at their fall wedding in campbell river bc

#2 Unique Outfits & Faux Fur Shawls

Have you been hoping to make your Wedding Day Unique? Spice things up a little? Be even more memorable? There’s nothing like making your wedding day stand out even more than moving away from tradition. It’s not every day that you see bridesmaids wearing bright orange bridesmaids’ dresses and the groomsmen wearing green suits.

An extra special touch from this day was the faux fur shawls. These accessories helped make the colours of the dresses pop, and made more stunning images and video footage. The Wedding Videography from this wedding day was extra special because of it. 

Watch Video Below: Time 5:00

#3 No Overheating & Epic Weather 

Summer Weddings are fantastic but my one complaint is that it can be really REALLY hot during summer weddings. Especially if you are getting married in July or August. As a Wedding Videographer, I always feel a bit bad for the gentlemen in their thick suits blazing in the sunshine. Sunny wedding days are fantastic, but honestly who wants to be married in 40 degree weather?

The beauty of a fall wedding is the fact that you won’t overheat! This means you can avoid heatstroke, sweating throughout your wedding day, getting a sunburn, etc. 

Yes, it can be cold, but that’s what the faux fur shawls are for, if you’re into that sort of thing. Likewise, the groom is always warm in his suit!

You don’t technically have to be outside the entire day either. 

If you are at a venue, it will be nice and warm inside for all your guests! 

If you prefer an outdoor or backyard wedding, the wedding tents they have nowadays completely block out the cold air. 

Whatever season you choose to get married, there are pros and cons to both! Filming a Wedding Video is do-able in any weather, I just thought I would share an alternative because I don’t think people realize how great fall weddings can be. 

Lastly, fall weather can be epic! Bold rain clouds, rainbows, colourful sunsets, clouds that help bring out the colours of the day, light rain that makes being undercover that much more ‘homey’

Epic Sunset at Time 9:00

Wedding Videographer films bride dancing at her fall wedding
Wedding Video Campbell River BC

#4 Your Favourite Vendors Are Available

Your favourite Wedding Photographer, Wedding Videographer, Wedding Planner, Day of Coordinator, Wedding Caterers, and many of the other vendors needed for a wedding day get booked 1-2 years in advance. These vendors (especially your Wedding Photographer or Wedding Videographer) make or break a wedding day! I mean, they would never ‘break’ a wedding day. But imagine you spent countless time, energy and money planning the perfect wedding day, only to be left with photos from a photographer you never really wanted and photos you don’t absolutely love. 

The beauty of a fall wedding is that many vendors are much more available! Summer can be crazy for wedding vendors but once the off season hits, they have more time to focus on you! Personally, I love working with clients in the Winter, Fall and Spring because I can easily give them 100% of my attention as I am not overworked and am craving to film again as a Wedding Videographer.

Outdoor Fall Wedding Film | Campbell River BC

Fall Wedding Benefits

As a Wedding Videographer and Wedding Photographer, I see a lot of pros and cons to different wedding days – based on what the couple wants out of their day.

To conclude, I think more people Should Plan A Fall Wedding because:

1. Stunning Colour Palette Options

2. Untraditional Decorations andAccessories Like Faux Fur Shawls

3. Bold, Epic Weather: No Overheating

4. Cloudy Weather = No Shadows, No Overheating, and Vibrant Colours

5. Your Favourite Vendors are Available 

6. It Is Easier to Plan During a Slow Fall, Rather Than A Jam-Packed Summer

7. Your Wedding Anniversary will Make Every Fall Extra Special

Wedding Videographer films sparkler first dance at this campbell river bc wedding day

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