Why Book a Family Photography Session when we have an iPhone to take them?

Well, let’s be honest. A Family Photography session can capture moments between your family that are much more natural and meaningful. Family Photographers like myself work with you to create real, genuine moments.

Taking photos ourselves can be challenging. And how often do we actually print these photos for our albums, to hang on our walls, or to make small ‘look books’ to display in the living room.

Even better yet, How often are you actually all in the photographs? 

As a Family Photographer, I can capture the way you and your loved ones are together, in this moment, to cherish for the next 50+ years.

It’s a bit challenging to just snap photos, force positions, stress out over how the family is acting, and just get that perfect shot. What’s easier is booking a Family Photography shoot where the photographer can walk your family through the motions and actually get the images you desire.

Family Photography at Saratoga Beach in Campbell River BC
Family Photography at Saratoga Beach in Campbell River BC. Photo taken by local Family Photographer
Family Photographer takes photos at Saratoga Beach
As a parent, these moments go by in the blink of an eye. I want my Family Photography sessions to help document your family where you are this year and give you memories that last forever. My photography shoots are more of an experience, where you can enjoy downtime with your family away from the hustle and bustle of life.


During these family photography sessions, I will help guide you through certain poses and prompts, while also allowing for natural moments. Every time I book a session, I help prepare families for the shoot. We discuss outfits, prompts, how to get comfortable in front of the camera, and more. I understand how easy it is to feel uncomfortable in front of the camera, but I also know exactly how to get your whole family comfortable! I will walk you through lots of prompts but also allow your family to act as you all normally would together. These family photography sessions have endless possibilities, whether you want to capture the everyday life at home or explore a new part of town together.
Family Photography session in Campbell River BC. Local Photographer takes photos of parents kissing.
Family Photography Session in Campbell River BC. Local Photographer takes photos of three sisters laughing.

You’re amazing and truly talented. I’m so happy for you, that you found your passion.

I’ve honestly spent a lot of money on photographers who couldn’t deliver what I was looking for and I’m just so happy that I even have one picture where we’re all looking at the camera, to me that’s a win! 🤣

Lisa L.

What Do We Wear For Our Family Photography Session ?

This is the ultimate question I receive before a family photoshoot. What on earth do we wear? This family absolutely nailed their outfits for this Family Photoshoot in Campbell River BC. They have such a nice mix of earth-tone coloured clothing, and minimized the patterns in their outfit choices!
A few quick tips when dressing for a Family Photoshoot: Dress for the weather, choose complementary colours, layer your outfits, and potentially match the colour to the photoshoot location. Try to avoid matching your outfits completely, and wearing clothing with lots of patterns and bold colours.

As you see in this family photoshoot, they did a fantastic job of making their outfits work well together without fully matching each other.

If you’d like to get some outfit ideas, check out some different options here! 

Family Photography at Saratoga Beach in Campbell River BC. Photographer captures family of five standing together in front of the mountain ranges.
Holiday Photoshoot in Campbell River
Christmas Mini Photoshoot at Evergreen Tree Farm
Family Photos at Evergreen Christmas Tree Farm
Christmas Mini Photoshoot in Campbell River BC
Holiday Mini Photoshoot at Evergreen Christmas Tree Farm. 3 siblings get their photo taken
Christmas Family Photos at Evergreen Tree Farm in Campbell River
Family Photos during Christmas Mini Sessions at Evergreen Tree farm in Campbell River

Have you been telling yourself “ah, we haven’t had our photos taken in years. Where has the time gone?”

Well, it’s time to hire a Family Photographer.  

Family Photos during Christmas Mini Sessions at Evergreen Tree farm in Campbell River

Interested in Family Photos? Here are some things you can do!

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