Wedding Photography at Gowlland Harbour Resort

Steph & Owen’s Wedding happened in the beautiful hidden gem that is Gowlland Harbour Resort. Every time clients email asking about a Gowlland Harbour Wedding, I have nothing but fantastic things to say about this place! As a fairly experienced Wedding Photographer on Vancouver Island BC, I can confidently say that this is one of the top resorts for weddings. Not only are the views stunning, but the people working here are of the highest quality of vendors I have ever worked with. They have your back no matter what.  

This day started out as most peaceful Gowlland Harbour Weddings do. Both wedding parties got ready in their separate cabins and then met for a first look along the ocean. 

I spent the most time photographing the ladies during their getting ready process. They had one of the sweetest ‘bridal party first looks’ I have seen in a while. The emotions were high and the morning was incredibly relaxing. The wedding photography portion of the morning is one of my favourites, watching Steph’s whole bridal ‘look’ come together was something else. She was breathtaking. 

Gowlland Harbour Wedding Photographer captures first look with bridesmaids
Gowlland Harbour Wedding Day Photography
Getting Ready Photography at Gowlland Harbour

I’ve been the Wedding Photographer at a handful of Gowlland Harbour Weddings so far, and almost every single one has had a wedding day first look.

As many of you know, a ‘first look’ is pretty popular right now. Some benefits include: Shaking off any wedding day nerves together, allowing emotions to flow since there is no pressure from a watching audience, and open more time up after the ceremony by doing your photos beforehand.

The first look was beautiful. We went down right along the ocean for photos. These two couldn’t have been any happier. It is always such a pleasure as a Wedding Photographer to be able to be part of a moment like this.

Next up, ceremony time!

At Gowlland Harbour Resort Weddings, the ceremony takes place on a long patch of grass that overlooks the ocean. You are literally having your wedding ceremony surrounded by greenery with the ocean as your backdrop.

The cool thing about this wedding was it took place on a foggy day. The fog made for some epic wedding photography at Gowlland Harbour because it really made colours POP and evoked the real emotions of the day. Like just the colours of the bouquet are next level in these photos. The pinks and greens seem to draw in much more attention than if it was a sunny day. I have far too many favourite photographs from this ceremony. Look at the way these two look at each other. 

Gowlland Harbour Resort Wedding Ceremony

With most Wedding Photography clients, we take the family photos right after the ceremony while everyone is in one place! Likewise, a champagne toast is always lovely after a ceremony (this is a Gowlland Harbour Resort specialty).

Timeline usually goes: Ceremony, Congratulatory Hugs, Champagne Toast, Family Photos then I sneak the wedding party away for some photos around the resort! There are so many great locations but I have about 3 favourite places to take my wedding clients around the resort.

Gowlland Harbour Resort Wedding Portraits taken by local Photographer

I loved being the Wedding Photographer on this day. It was so cool. Misty, sunny, foggy, bright, intimate. Once I was sure I captured all the photos I needed of these two with their wedding party, it was time for the reception.

Because it was chilly out, the dinner and speeches were held inside Gowlland Harbour which is always lovely. They lit the most beautiful candles for the tables and the fireplace + candle light setting made for quite the ambiance.

A Gowlland Harbour Wedding just brings people together. You literally feel like one big family at this resort. Everyone gets their own private cabins while also being able to dine in at the main resort cabin. It has a stunning view of the ocean from there too from the deck. This deck has held countless ‘first dances’ and I wasn’t going to let the cold weather change that. We went outside to dance under the twinkly outdoor lights and calm skies. Then back inside for dancing with everyone!

Gowlland Harbour Wedding Photography taken by Vancouver Island Wedding Photographer


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