Couples Photoshoot Along The Beach in Victoria, BC

The PRESSURE was on for this session. I really had to prove my skills and here’s why👇

Liam has been one of my best friends and greatest business supporters since the beginning. So much so that he actually built my first website. Funny to think back on what that used to look like in the initial phase. 

It was funny because when he built my website, he used his own email. Whenever I would get an inquiry (super rare, maybe 1 every month), he would see it too. I remember he’d say “I noticed you had a few people reach out lately, that’s awesome.” Even when I wasn’t where I wanted to be with this business, he was cheering me on.

The day finally came where he had a reason to book a session with me – to surprise Ally with a Couples Photography Session for part 1 of her christmas/birthday/anniversary gift (part 2 being an all inclusive vacation… kind of tough to beat that hahah)

Before working with couples and heading to their sessions, I always look at inspiration and my favourite images from the past. However, before this session, I think I spent 3 hours prepping in the morning just so I could Wow them 📸

Maternity Photography Session at the beach in Campbell River bC
Victoria BC Couples photoshoot
Couples Photography Session in Victoria BC
Couples Photography Session in Victoria BC
Couples Photography Session in Victoria BC
Couples Photography Session in Victoria BC
Couples Photography Session in Victoria BC
Couples Photography Session in Victoria BC
Couples Photography Session in Victoria BC

What Do People Wear To Their Couples Photography Session?


Clients always reach out asking what to wear to their Couple Photoshoots, and I am so happy to help.

Once you have contacted me to book a photography session, it’s time to talk outfits. I’ve got you covered with 5 tips on what to wear for your Couple Photoshoot.

1. Complimentary Colours
You do not need to match exactly. It’s best to wear colours that work well between the two of you. This helps make the image pop even more. These two did this super well! They wore nice tones that worked well together.
If you’re a die hard for a good colour scheme, you can check out this website where you can upload a photo of your favourite outfit, and it will make you a colour scheme!
2. Clothes that make you Feel Comfortable & Confident
It’s simple. Don’t wear something you never wear because it is uncomfortable or ‘not you.’ Rock your style. The results of your images are based on how you feel during the couples photography session so I want you to be comfortable! 
Couples Photography Session in Victoria BC
Maternity Photography in Campbell River BC at Golden Hour

3. Add Layers to your Outfit

Having a vest, jacket, scarf, or jewelry helps to make your photos pop. I understand you may not usually wear those things, so no worries if you don’t! But if you are someone that loves wearing rings, or having those additional pieces, then by all means load them up!
One detail I loved from this session was Liam’s watch. I think it added a lot to the close-up shots that involved his hands. 
4. Choose Colours that work with the Location
The couple in the photos above did an amazing job of this! They chose natural colours that matched well with the fall colours surrounding them on the ocean. 
On a cloudy day, colour pops well. If you are comfortable with some neutral colours plus a bold colour, go for it! I will not tell you not to wear colours because that can also add a lot to the photos! These 2 did the perfect job of picking out nice outfits. They stuck with earthy simple tones such as whites, light browns, blacks, and of course blue! 

5. Dress for the Weather

Some quick ideas include..
Summer/Spring: flowy dresses, your favourite pair of shorts and a nice tank top, light jeans, t-shirts, pastel tones.
Fall/Winter: Knitted sweaters, vests, black pants, dark jeans, thick sweaters, boots, scarfs and beanies.
Try to Avoid:
1. Matching your outfits exactly. Focus on similar tones or having some part of your outfits match, but not the whole thing!
2. Wearing busy patterns that take away from the photo.
Remember: If you booked a medium or large-size couple photoshoot, you’re welcome to bring an outfit change if you’d like. We can also mix up the accessories throughout the photoshoot.

To Sum It All Up: I always tell clients to avoid patterns (or just intense patterns) and focus on natural earthy tones in their outfits. This makes it a lot easier to match with the rest of the family for the maternity photography session.


Maternity Photoshoot Campbell River BC

Why I Loved This Couples Photoshoot?


I just really loved how in love these two were. Really, when you look at these photos, can’t you see the love they feel for each other? Not to sound gushy and lovey dovey but damn, it’s pretty obvious haha. 

These two had never done a photoshoot before and were nervous before, just like most couples I work with! But with some guidance, a few prompts, and lots of chatting, we eased our way into things as I do with all my clients. 

We picked a private location along the ocean so everyone was comfortable and we didn’t have to do anything in front of an audience. We took the time to get to know each other while also allowing plenty of space for these two to get cozy and make each other laugh. It was such a fun couples photoshoot and I can’t wait to do more.  

couples photoshoot in victoria bc along the ocean
Couples Photographer in Victoria BC

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