Vancouver Island offers some of the most stunning wedding locations in all of Canada, ranging from sandy beaches and rocky coastlines to lush forests and meadows. It is truly a beautiful location for any type of wedding at any point in the year. Whether you are wanting to have a warm summer wedding or a more cozy and intimate winter wedding, Vancouver Island is perfect! In this blog, I talk about why a winter wedding on Vancouver Island might be the right choice for you!

Erin and Julian’s Winter Wedding on Vancouver Island

Erin and Julian had the most beautiful winter wedding on Vancouver Island with all of their closest friends and family. They had their intimate ceremony in a church and then celebrated with a cozy reception at Perro Negro in Victoria. Their wedding was the perfect example of how beautiful a winter wedding on Vancouver Island can be. I feel like so many people avoid winter weddings because of the weather, but there are actually so many perks that make a winter wedding so amazing. From my several years of experience capturing winter weddings, I wanted to share with you my top reasons why you should consider a winter wedding!

outdoor winter wedding photos

10 Reasons Why a Winter Wedding on Vancouver Island might be for you!

1. Beautiful Wedding Colors & decor

Winter weddings always have some of the most beautiful color themes. Because it is winter, people typically opt for deeper tone reds, greens,  and oranges which are absolutely stunning in wedding photos. 

family photos at this winter wedding
winter wedding reception
winter wedding decor
2. People are typically less busy and not traveling as much in the winter

This means that people are usually so excited to attend your wedding. There’s typically not many weddings in the winter months so yours would be the star!

3. More Calm & Intimate

One thing that I have noticed over the years of capturing winter weddings is that they are typically more calm. With people indoors and just relaxing by the fireplace there’s not a lot of stress. The cold weather outside makes it much more intimate because everyone is inside hanging out and relaxing with all the people you love.

intimate winter wedding reception
4. Coffee bar instead of an Actual Bar

If you and your partner prefer a good cup of coffee over a beer, then a coffee bar is such a unique idea to incorporate into your winter wedding. People are cold and there is just something so comforting about sipping on a warm cup of coffee or hot chocolate. And of course you can always do both a coffee bar and a regular bar 😉

wedding coffee bar
5. Perfect Lighting for your Wedding Photos

In my opinion this might be the best part about a winter wedding. Because it is usually cloudy, we always get the most beautiful wedding photos. The clouds make it so that there are no shadows which makes all of the beautiful wedding colors really pop. Oh and of course there is no sun in your eyes so no squinting and burning your eyes which is a huge plus!

Vancouver Island wedding in the winter
bride and groom photos at this Vancouver Island wedding
groom portraits
outdoor winter wedding photos
6. More Venue Availability and Discounted Rates

Because winter is typically the slow season for weddings, many venues will discount their rates. And your dream wedding venue might have a ton more availability in the winter months. 

For Erin and Julians’s Winter Vancouver Island, they were able to rent out the entire Perro Negro Restaurant in Victoria. This wedding venue was so amazing and I highly recommend it if you are planning your winter wedding. They created this really cozy atmosphere that was very intimate and kept everyone really close together. It was so amazing capturing all of the joy and laughs that this wedding day was filled with!  

Victoria BC wedding venue for your Vancouver Island Wedding
church wedding
7. Indoor Ceremony and Reception

Planning an indoor ceremony and reception takes so much stress off of your shoulders because you don’t have to worry about the weather. All of your guests will be warm and cozy and just be truly enjoying your wedding day!

Victoria Bc wedding venue
8. More Intimate and Cozy Feel

With the weather being pretty cold, everyone at Erin and Julian’s wedding was standing around heat lamps when we were outdoors taking family photos. Because of this people were really getting to know each other and everyone was having the most amazing time. With Julian’s family being fro Australia, this was the first time they were all meeting Erin’s family. It was so special to watch these two families come together to celebrate Erin and Julian.

winter wedding reception
9. Moody and Romantic Wedding Photos

While I love capturing golden hour wedding photos, I also love how moody and romantic wedding photos on a cloudy day can turn out. Erin and Julian’s wedding photos are a perfect example of how beautiful winter wedding photos can be. The cloudy weather and backdrops we chose truly romanticized their wedding day and photos.

10. Your dream wedding photographer will have MORE AVAILABILITY!

I can’t tell you how many times I have to turn down summer weddings because I already have that date booked. I will get several inquiries for the same dates in the summer but for winter it is a much different story. As a Vancouver Island wedding photographer I typically have tons more availability in the winter months so I LOVE when I get those dreamy winter wedding inquiries!

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