Victoria BC Wedding Videographer

victoria BC Wedding Videographer

Set on getting married in Victoria BC?

You know Victoria would be one of the most beautiful, intimate, natural areas to have your wedding! You’ve come to the right place. I was born and raised on this island so I know all the ins and outs of the wedding scene here! As a Victoria BC Wedding Videographer, I am here to help guide the planning process and capture the day you’ve always dreamed of. 

groom dips bride on the pier at their wedding at Gowlland Harbour Resort

In this Victoria BC Wedding Videographer Guide you will find..

1. Countless examples of videography at the various Victoria BC Weddings

2. Information about weddings in Victoria BC

3. Local vendors I love to work with in the area 

Your love is jaw-dropping, it should be captured that way.

You deserve a Victoria BC Wedding Videographer that cares about capturing the wedding videos of your dreams. Here are the types of bold, upbeat and exciting videos you can expect when getting married in Victoria! 



If you don’t feel comfortable in front of the camera or with your Victoria BC wedding videographer, your video could lack the authenticity of your day.

This could make your videos feel unnatural to you. Even worse, your video clips might not reflect the wedding day you’ve been working so hard to dream up and plan.

But I get it, you aren’t used to being in front of a camera and that can feel nerve-racking and a bit tedious. You just want to be fully emerged in everything that is happening on your wedding day and feel all the love. Odds are, you want to remember all the little details, the connections, and moments with family, friends, and your partner. You’re planning a celebration, a day to remember for the next 50+ years. I understand how important this day is for you, and how vital it is to have the right wedding videographer capture it.

Here’s the good news: It’s an easy skill to pick up, being in front of a camera, if you have someone guiding you properly and also keeping their distance allowing you space to be yourselves! That’s where I come in. I am here to ditch the ‘typical’ videography methods and actually create a deeper bond between you two. This way, we can capture video footage with the genuine connection and authenticity that you’ve always dreamed of. I am here to make you comfortable in front of the camera so you can be fully present and enjoy every moment of your dream wedding day.


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Should you hire both a wedding photographer and Victoria BC Wedding Videographer? When planning weddings, most people immediately know that they want to hire a wedding photographer. They want to be able to capture those dreamy images that they can display all over their home to remember this special day. But, you want to know the number 1 thing I hear when I ask people what they regret about their wedding day? That they DIDN’T hire a wedding videographer…



“The video has brought tears to the eyes of literally everyone that has watched it”

Hayley is such an incredible artistic professional! We initially were only planning on having a photographer for our very small intimate wedding in Sooke B.C. but we are SO happy we changed our minds to include Hayley in our big day. The video has brought tears to the eyes of literally everyone that has watched it.. I’m not kidding!! The editing of the video is so seamless, clean, professional and flawless. The composition of moments she combined together in this magical storytelling style of videography was so breathtaking. This was such a valuable and irreplaceable addition in our wedding and in our wedding day memories. Hayley’s personality is so fun and so spunky and has a way of making you feel super comfortable right away. Her work and her presence is worth every penny and we are so glad and so grateful we found her for our wedding. Our wedding video is gorgeous and something we will cherish for a lifetime.

– The Tokeis

Our wedding gallery has brought us to tears every time we watch it.”

Hayley’s energy was infectious. She guided us through poses after the ceremony and everything felt natural and fun. We didn’t want the photos and videos to end. You didn’t know she was there unless she wanted you to know and she was always thinking ahead. We’re not kidding when we say she captured every moment both on photo and in video. We have so many beautiful candid pictures and video clips of everyone at our wedding. Our wedding video has brought us to tears every time we watch it. There are no words to describe how amazing it is to relive the day over and over again. We’re extremely happy with the slide show she gave us as well, everything we received from Hayley couldn’t have been any higher in quality. The photos and videos are so vibrant and crisp. We feel spoiled with how well she treated us. 

Choosing Hayley to capture your wedding is the easiest choice you’ll make while planning your wedding.

-Nathan & Brooke Warawa


bride and groom about to kiss on a private beach in Campbell River BC

Getting Married in Victoria BC


Victoria is the city that has it all. Well known for being the capital of British Columbia, it has countless outdoor activities and every kind of nature you can think of! Surrounded by ocean, filled with forests, lakes and gardens, this is an outdoorsy persons’ dream. There are endless activities here, but most importantly, it makes for some of the most beautiful Wedding locations out there. 

The weddings here always have an outdoor element to them making the images and videos absolutely breathtaking. You are never far from a beach, a lake, a river, or a giant waterfall. For me, there is almost no better place to celebrate a wedding. It is always private, intimate, joyful, fresh, colourful, and just fun here.

Best Time of Year & Weather


Victoria BC is rarely too hot or too cold. With the last few years bringing a strange kind of weather, it is almost impossible to plan the perfect date. But no matter what, you can be sure that you’ll be warm even on rainy days. My only beef with Victoria is that it can be VERY windy! So sometimes staying away from the ocean for the ceremony is a good idea. 

In 2022, the best time to get married was between May – September. However, we had a surprisingly warm October that made for some beautiful sunny weddings last year. For summer lovers that want outdoor weddings, I recommend late June, July, and September. August usually brings in heat waves.

My Favourite Vendors


Victoria BC has countless unbelievable Wedding Vendors. It’s actually pretty crazy how many great local vendors set up shop in Victoria. You will have no problem finding fantastic venues, planners, makeup artists, and more! Here are a few I have worked with in the past and would recommend..


Farm & Vineyards

– Deep Cove Winer

– Sea Cider Weddings

– Church & State Wines

– Bilston Creek

Forest & Garden

– Villa Marco Polo Inn

– The Butchart Gardens

– Gardens at HCP

– Victoria Garden Estate

– Fairholme Manor Historic B&B

Resorts & Hotels

– Oak Bay Beach Hotel

– Villa Eyrie Resort

– Ocean Pointe Resort 

– The Fairmont Hotel

– Bear Mountain Resort

– Inn at Laurel Point

– Brentwood Bay Resort

– The Parkside Hotel

– Hotel Grand Pacific

Historic & Castle Views

– Hatley Park 

– Pendray Inn & Tea House

– Craigdarroch Castle 

Golf Clubs

– Arbutus Ride Golf Club

– Olympic View 

Other Ideas

– The Beach House Restaurant

– The Fort Commons

– Victoria Public Market

– Fortuen Gallery

– Perro Negro

Hair & Makeup:

– Heartwood & Co 

– Moth & Flame

– Ten Fifteen

– Artistry by Alexa

– Erin Bradley


– Floral Bar at Party Mood 

– Wild Floret

– Blooms and Co 

– Bespoke Blossom

– Botanic Creative


– Little Piggy Catering

– Green Artichoke 

– Toque Catering

– Truffles Catering 

– Chunky Kitchen Catering

– Melting Moments Catering

– Tulip Catering 



– White Lotus DJ

– Party People Sound Solution

– Presto Entertiainment

– A Sound Choice Music

– DJ Daddy Mack


– DJ Chris Poynter

– Capital City DJ 

– Jill Cooper Music

Booths & Bars:

– Twist of Fate Cocktail Victoria 

– Four Frames Photo 

– The Bubble Bus Co

Decor & Rentals:

– Trend Decor Event Design

– Black and White Event Rentals

– Table Top Curated Rentals

– Party Mood

– Designer Weddings Inc. 

– FestiLight Decor 

– Darling Vintage Rentals

– Pedersens Event Rentals

Campbell River Wedding Photographer

Best Wedding Venues in Victoria BC & Beyond

Campbell River Wedding Photographer

10 Reasons To Hire A Wedding Videographer


Why Wedding Videography?

If you have started to plan your wedding, or you have been planning for a while, you may have considered hiring a wedding videographer. Many people find it hard to justify spending money on both a photographer and a videographer but wedding videography captures what photography cannot. As both a wedding photographer and videographer on Vancouver Island, I can’t be biased.

My top 8 reasons why I think videography is so important are:

I’m happy to just have a conversation about it and answer any questions you have.
1. There are things that even the best photographer can’t capture. Photos show your reaction at one exact moment while video shows the way you felt, moved, your personality, how hard you laughed, how you acted with your family, the expressions, etc.
2. You can share all these precious moments with family and friends that could not be there.
3. Weddings are, as you know, a valuable investment. A video can truly help you relive that day over and over again. It lasts a lifetime and you can’t put a price on reliving that day again. 
4. It’s a day enjoyed by everyone. Videos capture details that you miss like the way your friends and family look at you when you walk out in your dress for the first time, or the tears in your parents eyes when you read your vows, or the laughter from the group while the best man gives a hilarious speech.
5. It would be amazing to show your children one day (if you plan on having them). They can see the way their parents really looked at each other, embraced one another, danced, laughed, etc. Also how often is the entire family together? Having this wedding video for them can also show the memories of their grandparents, aunts and uncles, and more.
6. This is your movie. You will be hiring a professional to create a ‘short film’ of you and your loved ones, where you are the star of the show. I create a visual story with thoughtful music and voiceovers to tell your story. This is not a boring or slow slideshow of clips – it is an engaging compilation of your best and sweetest moments.
7. Videographers are just another professional that ensures the wedding will run smooth. I have experience at countless weddings, and can share that experience with you. I know what to expect, when big moments naturally happen, and how to film the perfect candid moments.
8. The speeches, vows, music and words spoken cannot be photographed. Some of the most meaningful, emotional parts of the day should be filmed. Not only can you watch your spouse tearing up at the words they say, but you can actually hear it and relive that moment over again. This is similar to the toasts at the reception. Photos of guests or the wedding party reacting can be beautifully captured, but you’ll never remember every word spoken, or hear the sound of laughter erupting from the room unless it is captured on film.
Where Are You Located?
I am based in Campbell River BC and Victoria BC. I travel all over Vancouver Island, and BC for weddings each year. ​
What Is Your Wedding Video Style?

My wedding videos aim to show the best and most exciting parts of the day. I’m not here to make your wedding video moody (unless that’s the style you want), I’m here to make it look as exciting as it is! I capture vibrant and bold moments, showing the two of you in your element together. I am all about the little hidden moments.

As a videographer at your wedding, I will capture the real authentic moments. I describe myself as a fly on the wall, sneaking around getting everything real about your day.

What Are People Saying About Your Videos?

Our wedding video has brought us to tears every time we watch it.”

Hayley did my wife and I’s wedding photography and videography. We are blown away with not only the end result but also how perfect the wedding day went. Her energy was infectus. She guided us through photos after the ceremony and everything felt natural and fun. We didn’t want the photos to end. You didn’t know she was there unless she wanted you to know and she was always thinking ahead. We’re not kidding when we say she captured every moment both on photo and in video. We have so many beautiful candid pictures and video clips with everyone at our wedding.

“There is no words to describe how amazing it is to relive the day over and over again.”

“Everything we received from Hayley couldn’t have been any higher in quality. The photos and videos are so vibrant and crisp.”

We feel spoiled with how well she treated us. It’s incredible how she managed to get such high quality footage while also doing pictures. We’re extremely happy with the slide show she gave us as well. Our walls are already filled with wedding pictures and every single photo has been printed and added to a photo album. Choosing Hayley to capture your wedding is the easiest choice you’ll make while planning your wedding. Thank you again Hayley!

-Nathan & Brooke Warawa

“We were going back and forth on deciding whether or not to hire a videographer and we are so so so happy we decided to do it and work with Hayley. The videos turned out amazing and she did such a great job capturing our day and all the little moments that made it so special. She was able to capture the whole ceremony, all the speeches AND give us a highlight video of the full day.

“Hayley was so fun and easy to work with, she fit right into our wedding party and worked together so well with our photographer.”

We have loved being able to watch the videos and relive the day, it’s also been great to share the videos with some of our family members who could not attend the wedding. We would 100% recommend working with Hayley and having her as a wedding videographer, she was an absolute pleasure to work with.”

– Jeremiah & Shardae Lang

“During the planning process, I had a few close friends say that their one regret from their wedding was not hiring a videographer. I can’t begin to explain how happy we are that we made this choice. Hayley is friendly, easy-going, and made us feel so comfortable. Hayley is easy to communicate with and she took into account everything we had hoped for in our video.

“The results from the wedding video are beyond what we had ever imagined! Every time we watch it (which is still frequent… even months after our wedding day has passed) we smile, laugh, and cry”

 It brings us so much joy to see the smiles on everyone’s faces and to see our guests dancing up a storm. The video perfectly displays all of the love we felt on our wedding day! We know that we will treasure the moments Hayley captured on film for years to come. So, if there is even a doubt in your mind about hiring a videographer for your wedding, I would without hesitation recommend you choose Hayley to document your special day!

– Anna and Chris Backhouse

What Comes With A Wedding Video Package?

As a videographer at your wedding, I take a wide range of long and short video clips during your wedding day. I use this footage to create Wedding Films, Wedding Trailers, Full Ceremony Videos and more. All wedding videography packages include a Wedding Film (between 2-20 minutes depending on the package) and can include much longer clips capturing something like the bride and groom’s first look, the wedding ceremony, the reception, the speeches, first dances, wedding guest interviews, vertical behind the scenes footage, you name it. Whatever wedding moments are important to you, I can capture them!

The packages all differ based on the hours and needs of the couple! You won’t pay for anything you don’t really want. It’s very ‘a la carte’ as I also offer fun ‘add ons’ such as Adventure Sessions, Wedding Guest Interviews, Vertical Footage, Raw Footage, and much more!

What Can I Add On To My Package?
Engagement Photos or Videos ($100 Off)

This engagement session can be done in Photography, Videography, or both. When it comes to video, this is similar to a typical engagement photoshoot. It’s a great way for us to interact and get to know what it will be like to work together on your big day. I can also include this footage at the start of your wedding film! It makes for such a unique and beautiful intro.

Fomo Edit

If you are someone who wants alllll the footage and to experience almost every moment over again, this is for you! I will add anywhere between 6-12 extra minutes to your wedding film! This will have a more cinematic feel to it.

Wedding Teaser / Trailer

This 1-2 minute video shows the very best moments from your day in a short, easy-to-watch video. I send this within 1 month so you don’t have to wait long to relive your day. It is a great way to share your favourite moments from your wedding day with those that could not make it. It is a compilation of the very best moments in a fun, exciting edit!

Speeches, Dance, or First Look on Film

Video recordings of the big moments in full. This way you have high-quality footage of what is said, how you react, and how your guests react. Often times it is hard to remember exactly what is said during these moments, the words said are one thing photos can’t capture.

Ceremony on Film

20-30 minute video of your wedding ceremony in full. Multiple mics will be used to ensure everything said is captured clearly. This way you can relive all the beautiful, memorable moments of our ceremony over and over again – Like the cute kids throwing flowers or giving you the rings, the first time you see each other, the tears and laughter during the vows from the two of you and your guests, the moment you kiss to make it official, the cheers when you walk down the aisle.

Interview Videos

This is a fun one! I interview your guests near the end of the night and ask them questions ranging from ‘what was your favourite part of the wedding day’ to ‘any advice for the happy couple on their first night married’ or really whatever you want to ask! This is fantastic for rowdy crowds OR for people that are too nervous to give speeches. I think it’s beautiful when parents or grandparents share their thoughts during these videos.

Adventure Session

This is great if you are traveling for your wedding! We can take 1-2 hours to have fun exploring the area together. We can find epic locations to capture adventure and excitement before your wedding day or after. For example, if you would rather have your wedding portraits at a more epic location, let’s get you dressed up again and go somewhere amazing!

Rehearsal Dinner

Most people don’t realize this but some of the most natural, exciting time with your guests is during the rehearsal dinner. This is the perfect time for photos or intimate video footage of you with the people you love.

Raw Footage

You receive every single clip! There’s always a few couples that want this footage – although it can be shakey, or show me running around, it’s all the raw, real moments from every second I film.

Vertical Film

After the wedding, you can’t wait to share all the photos and videos with family and friends. I now offer vertical footage as well. Perfect for sharing online, creating your own video montage, watching quick clips onyour phone whenever.

What is the Pricing?
I’ve been photographing and filming weddings for 7 years now and really understand the ins and outs of wedding days! Videography is arguably just as important, if not more important, than photography. Video shows all the big moments, the huge bursts of laughter, the tears, precious moments with grandparents or the little ones that will grow up so quickly, bonding with the most important people in your life. I want to hear about how you want your day to feel, the moment you are most excited for, what you don’t want in your wedding day, and more!
Depending on the package (hours, video included, size), Wedding Clients typically spend between $5,500 – $9,000. If you would like to see my specific packages and add-ons, I would be happy to send you my client guides with all the different packages and tons of wedding tips for your day.
Elopement Clients typically spend between $3,500 – $5,500 + GST.
Let’s chat and figure out exactly how I can help create the perfect wedding day for you!
We Are Interested! What Are The Next Steps?
First Step:  Let’s Chat! Send me a message and let’s discuss what you want out of your wedding video, and how you want your wedding day to go. We can hop on a zoom call to make sure I am the perfect fit for you!
I can send you my different wedding videography package options based on your needs. From there, if we are the right fit, I will send you a contract and an invoice for a 30% deposit to book your date.


Campbell River Wedding Photographer & Videographer


Wedding Photographer in Victoria BC takes photo along oceanside wedding


Wedding Photography Victoria BC


Wedding Reception photo of bride and groom smiling at each other