Wedding Photography & Videography at this Exciting, Wild Backyard Wedding


 Blaze and Courtney’s Backyard Wedding was lively, upbeat, and hilarious from the very start. These two weren’t messing around. They wanted their day to be a celebration and that’s exactly what it was. 

When looking for a Wedding Photographer and Videographer, they knew they wanted someone who wasn’t going to impose on their day. They wanted someone that would photograph and film their day exactly how it was! The only time they snuck away with the wedding photographer was at the beginning of the day for a ‘First Look’

Blaze and Courtney hid behind the house when they finally saw each other for the first time on their wedding day. It was a beautiful moment and they even included their pups and friends in the photos right after. 

Shortly after the First Look, Courtney went back inside to hide out with her friends as the guests arrived. The energy was electric at this backyard wedding. 

Wedding Photography of the Backyard Wedding Ceremony


The big moment had finally arrived. It was time for the ceremony, time for these two to be wed in front of all their friends and family. As a Wedding Photographer, this is such a fun part of the day to capture. There’s always such a range of emotions with the couple and the crowd. 

These two did some really cool things! First of all, they had the flower girls’ walk down buddy ice their friends. Hilarious. Next, they had Courtney walk down with both her parents. This is something I absolutely adore! Lastly, they had one of their best friends lead the Wedding Ceremony. It was much more personal that way and really meaningful. 

After the Ceremony, I gathered the family together. As a Wedding Photographer, I like to get the family photos out of the way early. Usually, this means we take them right after the Wedding Ceremony! That way, everyone will still be there (sometimes people sneak away early for food, rest, etc). 


Wedding Videography: Full Wedding Film


One thing I love almost as much as Wedding Photography, is Wedding Videography. Because Courtney and Blaze didn’t want a bunch of posed images of their day, they figured a wedding video would be more important and valuable to them. 

Therefore, I spent 70% of my time at this wedding in Videographer mode, and 30% of it in Photographer mode. I spent the majority of the day taking wedding videos and compiled them into a Wedding Film. 

Along with this film, they received full video footage of their wedding first look, the speeches, behind the scenes from the shoe game and all the dancing! 


Wedding Photography at the Reception


This was the moment everyone was ready for! After the Backyard Wedding Ceremony, everyone moved into celebration mode. The couple and all their guests spent the next few hours playing games, catching up, celebrating, drinking, enjoying fresh air, and so much more. 

This was really fun to capture. I use my ‘zoom lens’ to keep my distance from guests in order to capture everyones’ interactions naturally. Likewise, I always make sure to take photos of couples and anyone looking for a nice picture! 

The games were a blast to watch and everyone seemed to have such a good time reuniting with each other. Soon after this, dinner was ready!


Wedding Photography of the Dinner, Speeches & Dancing


I loved being the Wedding Photographer for this wedding. It was truly so much fun. I was laughing, crying, dancing. These two treated me like family – and the amount of drink tickets they gave me when I was done made for a long walk home at the end of the night haha. It was impossible to leave this wedding on time. I think I spent an extra 4 hours at the reception once I was done filming and photographing. I mean, just look how much fun everyone was having at this Backyard Wedding in Campbell River, BC. 


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