Outdoor Wedding Photography in Victoria BC

As a Victoria BC Wedding Photographer, I have seen my fair share of stunning Wedding Venues in Victoria. BUT Joey & Luna’s Wedding was unlike anything I have photographed.

First of all, let me give you a back story. These two met while dedicating their time and efforts to the Rotary Club. One from Canada, one from the US. They met at a global meet up and they’ve been perfect for each other ever since. When you know, you know, yano?

The Morning

One of the highlights of the day for a Wedding Photographer is the calmness of the morning time. This day was particularly relaxing due to the moody outdoor lighting and mist surrounding the property where the bride was getting ready. Likewise, they were getting ready at an older family home with A LOT of character. Every room was unlike any home I’ve seen. So much history, memories, unique touches here and there.

Getting detailed photos was a Wedding Photographer’s heaven. I couldn’t help but use the old spice jars to put the Wedding Rings on.

Once Luna’s family and friends helped her with her wedding dress, she did a ‘first look’ with her dad. He came into the room with the most excitement in seeing his daughter on her Wedding day. Did I cry? Perhaps. It was beautiful.

First Look With Luna And Joey

Now that everyone was dressed, fed, and ready to go, it was time for Luna to surprise Joey in the backyard. Tucked away in the various gardens of the property, Luna said hello to all her excited family members on her way to Joey.

I had Joey wait in a specific part of the garden, where his family members had hand-made them an archway bench. What a great wedding gift idea.

As the Wedding Photographer here, I directed Luna to pause before Joey turned around so I could snap a few images. As you can see here, his reaction was so precious.

Wedding photographer takes photos of detailed shots
Bride and Groom Portraits

Now it was time to head to the Wedding Ceremony location – one of Victoria’s nicest hidden gems in my opinion. I had never been here but WOW was my mind blown. The ceremony site overlooked a small inlet with the calmest water. There was this sailboat floating in the center with mist all around it. I couldn’t believe how nice this location was to Photograph their Wedding.

Before the Ceremony started, we went off just the three of us to capture all of their Wedding Portraits and explore the grounds. Here’s how it went.

Ourdoor Wedding Ceremony Victoria BC

Ceremony time! Everyone started to walk down the aisle where the cutest flower girl decided to dump out all of her flowers at once, and their dog marched down with the rings attached to his collar.

The ceremony was led by another fellow Rotary Club member, Craig Gillis, who is one of the best wedding officiants on Vancouver Island in my opinion. I mean, there are some really great officiants – but I see him at about 80% of my weddings so I might be biased here.

Craig officiated an intimate ceremony with Joey, Luna and their family. Filled with laughter and heartfelt moments, this was something else. And the VOWS! Oh man. Not a dry eye in the house. Being the Wedding Photographer, it’s always fun to capture the vows because they have so much emotion in such a short amount of time.

Finally, these two were announced as bride and groom! The celebrations began.

Family Photos

After a lot of congratulations, hugs, shared stories, and more, we got all the family together for a wide range of Wedding Photos. As the Photographer, I always make sure to get every family member in the images and mix up the various independent families!

First Dance and Champagne Toast

The last little bit of this wedding was much more private. After most of the family left, their closest friends joined them in a hidden part of the forest for their first dance. Again, a Wedding Photographer loves a good first dance! This one was electric. There was just so much joy here – can you tell? They danced, they popped champagne, they toasted and then headed to the limo that would take them to a backyard reception.

This was lovely to be a part of. I couldn’t have asked for better people to photograph in a better setting. Victoria BC is a magical place to get married outdoors. The Wedding Photography is always unique which is my favourite part! So much room for creativity.

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