Photographer Captures Both Wedding Photography & Wedding Videography

Recently, I’ve been Photographing and Filming wedding days. People ask, is it possible to capture everything when you do both? And to that I say ‘Heck Yes.’ This blog post is a prime example of what it looks like for me to shoot both Wedding Photos and Wedding Videos during a 9 hour wedding day in Nanaimo BC.

If you have started to plan your wedding, or you have been planning for a while, you may have considered hiring a wedding videographer. Many people find it hard to justify spending money on both a photographer and videographer but wedding videography captures what photography cannot. As both a wedding photographer and videographer on Vancouver Island, I can’t be biased.

The following photos and videos give you an insight to what it looks like to have both wedding videos and wedding photos taken on your special day!

Wedding Photography: Getting Ready & Ceremony Coverage

Wedding Photos: Wedding Party, Reception, Speeches and Dancing

Wedding Videography: Wedding Film of Entire Day

Wedding Testimonial

Our wedding video has brought us to tears every time we watch it.”

Hayley did my wife and I’s wedding photography and videography. We are blown away with not only the end result but also how perfect the wedding day went. Her energy was infectus. She guided us through photos after the ceremony and everything felt natural and fun. We didn’t want the photos to end. You didn’t know she was there unless she wanted you to know and she was always thinking ahead. We’re not kidding when we say she captured every moment both on photo and in video. We have so many beautiful candid pictures and video clips with everyone at our wedding.

“There is no words to describe how amazing it is to relive the day over and over again.”

“Everything we received from Hayley couldn’t have been any higher in quality. The photos and videos are so vibrant and crisp.”

We feel spoiled with how well she treated us. It’s incredible how she managed to get such high quality footage while also doing pictures. We’re extremely happy with the slide show she gave us as well. Our walls are already filled with wedding pictures and every single photo has been printed and added to a photo album. Choosing Hayley to capture your wedding is the easiest choice you’ll make while planning your wedding. Thank you again Hayley!

-Nathan & Brooke Warawa

Victoria BC Wedding Photographer captures Sparkler Exit on Wedding Day

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