So you’re planning a wedding! You probably have so many ideas but first, you need to find a great Wedding Venue on Vancouver Island. Well, I have a very underrated wedding venue idea for you if that’s the case and it’s an AirBnb or VRBO. 

If you’re having a wedding with under 40-50 people, why not rent out a beautiful AirBnb or VRBO destination home for the celebration? There are so many benefits to getting married at a place like this, and not many people have realized they can do it! 

While I share the benefits of tying the knot at your own private vacation rental home, you can view a mix of Wedding Videography and Wedding Photography that I did at a really intimate wedding in Sooke, BC. It actually took place at a VRBO overlooking the ocean!

I have compiled my top 6 reasons why you should consider picking an epic Airbnb or VRBO destination home as your Wedding Venue on Vancouver Island, BC. These are both my own opinions and also the words of my past clients! 
1. They Are Always In Epic, Unforgettable Locations

AirBnb and VRBO’s on Vancouver Island BC are unlike anything you’ve seen before. There are some classic cabin vibes deep in the woods with beautiful A-frame housing with a sauna and hot tub for you two to enjoy! How about a home in Tofino on a rock peak facing toward the ocean? How about a hidden home on a calm lake in the middle of Vancouver Island where you can kayak and canoe in the mornings? What about a cabin in Strathcona Park where you can go on epic hikes or check out Myra Falls? What about a beautiful mansion with large windows so you can stare across the ocean every night?

As the Wedding Videographer and Photographer at this Sooke BC Wedding, I loved shooting at the Airbnb for this exact reason! The view looking across the ocean during the ceremony was breathtaking. Likewise, we had an entire private beach to ourselves to take newlywed photos of both the bride and groom! 

2. They Are Very Private

Well, you are in your own home rental of course! With the right location, you won’t have anyone around you. This way, you won’t have to worry about people passing by or making noise around you. Likewise, the photos will be very private. 

This is one of my favourite things about some of the Resorts on the small islands around the island. They always feel so private which is something that is definitely missing with most regular venues. Your Airbnb or VRBO will likely be away from any crowds and noise. The privacy makes the day that much more special. 

3. No Time Limits or Early Shut Downs

As you might have realized, most wedding venues can only stay open for a certain amount of time. Lately, it’s hard to find a wedding venue that allows the celebrations to continue later than 10pm and for some people, that’s fine! For other people, that’s WAY too early. 

Having an AirBnb is a great way to end when you want. If you and your wedding party are still up at 2am sitting around a fire or playing games on the deck, dancing in the living room, having cocktails in the hottub, bonding with your family members, or really anything else you want to be doing, you won’t have to worry about someone shutting it down early. 

Sooke BC Wedding Venue
Bride and Groom have their first look at their wedding venue in Sooke BC
Bride and Groom during the wedding ceremony over looking the ocean on Vancouver Island BC
Family photo after an intimate wedding ceremony on vancouver island bc
bride and her bridesmaids laughing with each other at the wedding near Victoria BC
bride and her bridesmaids laughing with each other at the wedding near Victoria BC
groom and his brother posing for a photo on the grooms wedding day
bride and groom popping champagne after their wedding ceremony
bride and groom about to kiss in front of ocean views at their wedding venue on vancouver island bc
4. More Affordable Than A Resort or Regular Venue

When it comes to AirBnb’s or VRBOs, they will almost always cost less than a regular wedding venue. Instead of renting out a venue for an evening which can range anywhere between $2000-$15,000 (depending on the venue), private rental property could range between $500-$2000. Keep in mind that this now includes you using it as a venue AND a place for you, your partner, and potentially your guests to stay! 

5. Personal and Comfortable Stay  

Have you ever stayed at a hotel or a resort and it just doesn’t feel super comfortable or ‘homey’? If you are someone that prefers staying in Airbnb’s then this would actually be fantastic for you! Feeling very relaxed and comfortable is so important on your wedding day, and your location/venue/stay is going to play a huge part in that!

If you can find and Airbnb or VRBO home that feels like a place you’d LOVE to live, then this would be a fantastic option!

6. It’s Unique

Although everyone I know who has done this style of the wedding has loved it, I still don’t think it’s very common. I believe in the next 5 years we will be seeing many more weddings like this! It really is just perfect for people looking to have an intimate, memorable, long-lasting wedding day in a stunning outdoor location. This is great for more down-to-earth couples that love being close to vast oceans or lush forests. 

bride and groom walking down a private beach in front of their airbnb wedding venue in sooke bc
Bride and groom kissing in front of sunset at their airbnb wedding venue on vancouver island bc
bride and groom walking down a private beach in front of their airbnb wedding venue in sooke bc

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